The End of The Beginning


The Beginning

I started a 1.8.1 Minecraft world named “World of MECHCalvin” as a single player youtube series back in Dec, 2014, later developed into a multiplayer world for the audience to join in Dec, 2015, expected to be a short lived play-and-forget series. The trend of Minecraft start to decline in 2015 when i join the community and it did, however my world survived due to numerous of active players.

By the end of 2017 I started to consider this as a long term project when I play long enough to understand the potential of Minecraft – probably one of the most creative game ever created in gaming history.

Later on I have started to add more servers such as PVE and PVP worlds along with some longer events, e.g. Master Builder competition, PVE mob hunting… while try to avoid popular game modes such as mini-games, some plans worked and some failed yet by 2018, I had a permanent plan for the server myself.

The Story

In 2018, I changed the development direction of the server by calling it WOM 2.0, with the help of the player FIB24 who created a new website, as well as moving to a dedicated youtube channel for this server, WOM has entered its “alpha” development phrase.

The plan is to use Minecraft as platform, Youtube as media, World of MECHCalvin serve as a “game developing” tool to create a “social space” for gamers. Instead of using whitelist, WOM 2.0 opened to all players, introduced a new ranking and political system.

World of MECHCalvin has entered open beta in 2019, planning to spend couple more years to make it “official”, which means all the plugins and settings are mature and stable enough like any world-class servers, I have also created four secret achievements that will consider to be the end of World of MECHCalvin if anyone is able to unlock at least one of them:

  1. To infinity & beyond: A player reaches the world border in survival mode
  2. The world is not enough: Any stats of a player reaches the server’s default limit “legally”
  3. Mastermind: A player able to hack into the server and take control successfully
  4. King will be king: A player has earned my trust in both moral and technical aspects whom will become the server new owner

I expected one of the conditions will be fulfilled by any player within the server by the end of 2025, then World of MECHCalvin would have finished her mission, but little did I know…

Since the economy system is introduced in mid 2016, server’s in-game money increased faster than QE money printing, players using legal trading, afk farming and both legal and bannable exploits, by Oct 2017, the in-game central bank has already accumulated 100 billions, however it is far from the undisclosed limit – 10 trillions (which is the limitations of a java double)

In Feb 2018, I have added a stock plugin which allow players to buy real life stocks in-game, in order to enhance the economic realism, this plugin can make player gain or loss money over time by picking their favorite stocks in real life. With no leverage allowed, it is pretty safe… in theory.

In Mar 2020, few long term players have found an exploit within this plugin, using the delayed quotation of few unpopular but volatile stocks, by abusing this technique, player Dr_Taeyeon aided by another player FantasieX has 10-folded all his money (1 trillion at that time) within hours.

This is impossible to do in real life since those companies did not worth a trillion of market shares and the delayed quotation doesn’t mean permission to buy, however it is not breaking server rule neither by definition (Not hacking, Not using plugin’s bugs but due to the iextrading stock API service which isn’t design for Minecraft).

More than 15 trillions has been generated by this “exploit”, which means one of the achievements: The world is not enough was unlocked, which also mean the ending of World of MECHCalvin has begun.

What's Next?

In my original plan, I expected I would have couple more years to fine tune the server settings and game modes, but with this achievement unlocked, World of MECHCalvin has to come to an end.

Two of the achievements: Mastermind and King will be king can have me “retired” which I am happy to do so (running a server is tiring). However the other two achievements: To infinity & beyond and The world is not enough, means the server have to move on to a new stage – World of Minecrafters

World of MECHCalvin has always been a temporary name, since it express individuality not universality, it is ok for a private small server, not so welcoming for the general Minecraft players, without changing the title WOM, World of Minecrafters was planned to be the name of this server as an official launch, which happens to be now.

Lobby & Hub

The main world remain mostly unchanged, all the amazing works have been done in the last 6 years will be the foundation of the server, however a lot of the economic elements will be removed, only keeping the fundamental make it as close as vanilla experience.

However it is more than a vanilla, since all the “perks” players won in other servers can be used or spent here, e.g. special skills, special items, pets, tokens, player points…

The rules also remain mostly unchanged, with additional to the rules have been set by the 3 terms of government (if any).

Ultimately unlike other Minecraft server that has a “lobby”, the whole survival world is the “hub” which connect to other places and servers within the network.

Reputation Points

We have tried couple test events regarding to a dedicated PVE world, including Bounty Hunter in 2017 and dedicated PVE Server Strange World proposed by the 1st WOM President Dr_FGod.

A maturer PVE server named “Operation 777” with quests enabled will be deployed, the purpose of PVE server is to gain special enchanted items by killing mob bosses and fulfill quests, to gain Reputation Points, in long run to become a RPG server for players to grind loots and level up abilities and lootings

Political Points

In order to compensate the “broken economy” in the survival world, a new economy server will be created when Minecraft update 1.17 is online, using plugin Towny as base, most of the economic plugins will be used here with isolated economic system.

Players will able to trade with other players or the server account, bidding for building contracts and earning money through any Minecraft activities, in return players and their team will gain political points which can be spent in survival world. More information will be released in the future.

Military Points

We tried faction server in brief, due to low number of players PVP might not be the best option for the network right now, but all the processes are backed up, if the demand for PVP is back, I will deploy a dedicated PVP server again.

The purpose of PVP server is to gain military points, which can be spent in survival world by gain faction power, owning other players in PVP duels and winning special enchanted items cannot be crafted in vanilla world.

Build Points

The 8th Master Builder competition started to be held in a separate server, which became the predecessor of the creative server, this server use plot plugin to let players build freely without worrying about resources. There are no rules what you want to build there, there are also exhibitions from world class maps to team from other server, and of course, it will continue to be the heart of the future Master Builder arena.

Players can gain building points from this server, which can unlock special blocks in survival world.

I might explore other game modes if there are demands for them and time allows, we have tried mod server in 2018 summer, also couple more mini-game events, however the priority will be as follow for now

  1. Survival
  2. Economy
  3. PVE
  4. Creative

The End of The Beginning

The end of World of MECHCalvin might took me by surprise, but life have to move on for the better or worse. World of Minecrafters is the beginning of the end of World of MECHCalvin.

I do not have time to prepare a glamorous official launch due to limited time and resources, but nevertheless this server have a solid foundation to provide a satisfying Minecraft experience for any Minecrafters.

If you are new here, you now have heard our story, history and what to expect in the future, if you are interested to join this server you can register from

Our website:

Login to our server using this IP:

The default rank is Visitor, as the name suggested visitors are unable to build or do anything except “sight-seeing”, after you have registered you will be promoted to Resident means you can start your Minecraft life journey here.

I hope you enjoy your time here and eventually become your Minecraft home online.